Please read this carefully. It is very important to the health of your puppy and may save it’s life.

Hypoglycemia,low blood sugar, is a disorder that occurs mainly in small breed puppies between six and twelve weeks of age. It is often precipitated by stress and can occur without warning.  It might appear after a puppy gets chilled, misses a meal or becomes exhausted by playing too much or has a digestive upset. These conditions put an added strain on the puppy’s energy reserves and as a result, hypoglycemia occurs and the symptoms appear.

Hypoglycemia is a real threat to a tiny puppy.  Watch for signs of your puppy being tired or droopy.  The first signs are those of being listless or depressed.  They are followed by muscular weakness,tremors,convulsions, coma and even death.  The puppy may appear depressed, weak, wobbly, jerky or in a coma.

If your puppy has any of the above symptoms, you must act fast. If the puppy is awake, give it Karo, honey or Nutrical by mouth. If the puppy is non responsive, rub the karo directly on his gums. Make sure the puppy is as warm as possible. You should see signs of improvement right away, no more than 15 or 20 minutes. If no improvement occurs in this time , seek veterinarian care immediately.

To prevent hypoglycemia, keep your puppy warm and make sure he eats adequately every 3 hours. Do not let him play so much that it tires him. Puppies need lots of rest.

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