OMG! All your babies are so beautiful. If you would like a reference I would be happy to provide one. Kiki is the happiest most well adjusted and gorgeous little Yorkie you could ask for. She is also very adventurious and I found her on top of a carrier about to pounce like a cat onto a chair and then get on my dining table! She is so cute I could not fuss but I was afraid she would get hurt so i had to move those intriguing carriers away. She is still tiny but she manages to do everything a much bigger dog would do. She is very intelligent to be able to figure all that out and a joy to be around. I don't think she has reached 4 lbs. but who cares? She is perfect! Christine

Hi Nell,



Our newest addition to the family has brought new excitement to our home.  All 3 of our other Schnauzers had names beginning with S.  With each new name we tried, it would come out "Sc-Gracie" or "Sc-Jolie" so we decided upon "Scotti".  After losing Scout (my beloved 15 yr. old) in February, it took Scarlett (our 4 yr. old) a couple of weeks to warm up to her.  Even though it was love at first sight for Scotti, Scarlett finally came around and dearly loves her too.....she's learned all about pay-backs!  Matt and I are constantly entertained with their wrestling or games of chase....the latter really helps tire Scotti out for bedtime.  She definitely has alot of the Energizer bunny traits.  Being 4 months old, she is fully potty trained, can sit, shake, doesn't hate baths as much and is learning to kennel on her own......yes, our baby is brilliant!  She was finally able to get her rabies shot last Saturday after weighing in at a whopping 4.6 lbs.  She is still totally black except for the little white fur by each of her "fingernails".....yes, our baby is beautiful!


Scotti has also been out to my school where she was totally the center of attention with the faculty and students.  My principal is an avid dog lover and swears she wants to start a Pet Daycare at school....she know that I'm first on the list for that job!  There have been a couple of my co-workers that have asked for your email/information regarding future Schnauzer litters :)  I'm happy to pass your info, if that's ok.



Thank you again for offering such a healthy and beautiful puppy that has found a loving, secure home with people who will treasure her for her lifetime!


Kathy T.

Hi I just wanted to let you know how my baby is doing. I contacted you a couple years ago after my other baby passed away. You are located down the road from my parents. My daddy came agenda picked up Sadie from you. I just want you to know that Sadie is a huge part of my family! My daddy now has Dimentia. He remembers everything about Sadie and she is what we talk about lot about. She brings a lot of laughter to him. I bring her a lot to see him and it is wonderful to see what she does for him. 

   I just wanted to let you know what you have done for my family. 

Thank you,

Shanna C.